Tuesday, February 25, 2014

100 photos masbangu st maarten police bribery case Toochie Meyers, Al Wathey, Various Police, Lawyers, Cor Mer etc

Some photos are blurry because o the editing program used. As you can see Touchie Meyers is angry to see me. But Mr Meyers its a big court case "Masbangu", which has been going on almost 4 years now, why are you surprised at the cameras? And why are you at THIS trial? What is your involvement in this trial. Theo is virtually your relative, and your spouse is Parliamentarian Sylvia Olivacce Meyers, but how can a brothel owner improve chances at a police corruption case? Yes, well your son is a policeman, so that could be the reason. However it is still a bad idea to show up at these courtcases, you are a pimp, it will have people asking questions. Then you want to get upset? Hey I know my reasons 4 being at the courthous...but what are yours?