Thursday, June 9, 2016



It had taken months to get my Google check, the St Maarten post office were playing their games, no doubt influenced by the local government. I started to blog about the post office and their workers. Suddenly my check was there waiting for me after months of delays. I walked promptly to the RBC bank to cash my check, and of course. They were in the process of being robbed by hooded gunmen. I was really upset, of all of the days and times to rob the bank, they chose to pull the heist right before I could cash my check. So Ed Gumbs, the guy who has his own show on PJD2 offered to take me to Simpson Bay to the bank's other branch, so that I could have some cash at hand.
On the way there, I told Ed, that no matter where I go, something goes down. Ed was in the process of laughing as we neared the bank in Simpson Bay, and he said "Well so far everything looks good here, no police in sight"
And sure enough, the police like magic started to appear and to swarm the area near the bank.
I jumped out with my cameras, so of course I got the photos and the videos.
I was later contacted by Brenda Brooks, who I assume is Parliamentarian Frankie Meyers lawyer, to explain that Frankie's son who was arrested in this video was not a part of the robbery, and had already by released.
What happened was, after the first bank robbery in Philipsburg, of course the police were on high alert especially around the banks. Parliamentarian Meyers son was driving an SUV, that might have met the description of the getaway vehicle. The police stopped Meyers and asked him to get out of his vehicle. Meyers refused to obey the officers, why should he? He is a Parliamentarian's son.
Well the police were not in the mood. And I know that cop roughing him up. He once literally picked me up physically at the police station, and put me out. Of course I walked right back in.
So Mr Meyers was arrested for resisting the officers orders.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

100 photos masbangu st maarten police bribery case Toochie Meyers, Al Wathey, Various Police, Lawyers, Cor Mer etc

Some photos are blurry because o the editing program used. As you can see Touchie Meyers is angry to see me. But Mr Meyers its a big court case "Masbangu", which has been going on almost 4 years now, why are you surprised at the cameras? And why are you at THIS trial? What is your involvement in this trial. Theo is virtually your relative, and your spouse is Parliamentarian Sylvia Olivacce Meyers, but how can a brothel owner improve chances at a police corruption case? Yes, well your son is a policeman, so that could be the reason. However it is still a bad idea to show up at these courtcases, you are a pimp, it will have people asking questions. Then you want to get upset? Hey I know my reasons 4 being at the courthous...but what are yours?